Alpha Films Ireland “The Inauguration of Barak Obama”   Docu -Feature in New York,  & Washington DC   Jan 2009
Director Mark Michael Downey
Channel 4      “Jon Snow in Jordan” plus  live transmission from the Amman   Amphitheatre   (nominated for a  TV award ).
Channel 4      Jon Snow   Channel 4 7 pm News  from various locations, multi camera    
BBC Scotland “Hardsell”  – Documentary regarding the Advertising business
Twist and Shout    “Alcatel –Lucent”   docu  in Paris  Director Jim Shields
Channel 4 / Maverick “How To Look Good Naked”   Gok Wan 
BBC/ Discovery “Cortes”   / Drama Doco   Mexico  
Director Andrew Grieve
BBC/ Discovery “The Fall of Rome” Series  three one hour
Docu Dramas   in  Tunisia  & Morocco
Silver River “I’m Running Sainsbury’s”  pilot 
Silver River “Better off Wed” series
North One  “Jim Will Fix It”  (one-off  remake)
Parthenon  Enter “Ultimate Journeys London ” Series Prod.  Danny Tipping
ITV  / Pearson Doco travel series Brazil, Cuba, Greece, Malaysia,  
The Borneo Jungle  / Majorca Egypt, etc…
Ch 4 / Flashback    “Speed”   about the joy of speed   >  part 
BBC       “Solved The Hunter  the Hunted” 
Director Di Patrick Docu Drama
Ch 4 / Metorn “The Great Dome Robbery”
Director Gabriel Range  Docu / Drama 
Ch 5 / Tiger Aspect “We can make you talk” 
Director Edward Blum  Docu   / Drama
BBC  travel “Aspen Colorado”   travel programme documentary
BBC / Widescreen  “Grand Designs”  Kevin McCloud
“Property Ladder”  Sarah Beeney 
Director Rory Fallon lifestyle documentary series part 
BBC       “50 things to do before you die”  docu series, in Lapland.
Tiger Aspect / National Geographic “The Ascent of Man” shot in Siberia
(Sleeping in tents at minus 40degrees)
Ch 4 / Oxfam “Signposts Poverty Answering Back”
Producer Andrea Cornes Canada, New York, Nicaragua
Recording birds singing deep into a sulphurous volcano!
Ch 4/ Darlow Smithson “Collapse” Director Greg Lanning docu science series Connecticut Kansas & Washington
BBC CrimeWatch BBC Nick Blower, Gabriel Range TV 20 programmes docu / drama reconstructions
Phonogram        Elton John & Paul Gambaccini   Atlanta  Georgia  
EPK Director Neil Faith 
UTV   “Bee Gees Special”
Christmas Chat Show from The Langham
RTE  Michael Bolton Profile    Director Dave Fanning
MTV Europe   Bryan Adams  EPK John Halliday
“Every thing I do I do it for You”
BBC2 / Illuminations   “Dance for the Camera”  
Ch 4 / Illuminations “The Late Show”  “Painted Passions” 
“For Love or Money”   Director Terry Braun
CSMTV Boston   “Super Europe” Director Angus Yates 
European political documentary
NHK  Japan  Cult Celtic Journey
BBC One “Birding with Oddie” part 
BBC One  Songs Of Praise
BBC       One Blue Peter >> Winter Olympics training Austria 
ITV series “Holiday Hotel” docu lifestyle
Carlton “Baby Hanna’s New Heart”  > award winning documentary Director Peter Loe  
Carlton Great Estates
ITV property series “Sublime Suburbia”  Lucinda Lampton  property series
ITV Interviewing Gordon Brown on a train!